How to Modify BK7238 Partition Table

How to Modify BK7238 Partition Table

Relationship between physical address and logical address #

To ensure the accuracy of the data stored in the flash, 2 bytes of CRC check bits will be added for every 32 bytes (the CRC check is automatically completed by the hardware. The comparison relationship is shown in Figure 1 below: (The left side is the logical address, the right side is the physical address, the red font is CRC check)


Figure1: Comparison of physical address and logical address

The composition of partition modification #

Modifying a partition involves four parts:


  • Partition table planning
  • Configuration file modification of packaging script
  • Bootloader partition table modification

Use Case #

Taking bk7238 as an example, when the user adds code based on the SDK, the following compilation error occurs, as shown in Figure 2. What should I do?


Figure 2 Compilation error icon


Figure 3 Compiled output firmware

There are two solutions:

  • Solution 1: Check beken7238_crc.bin. The APP partition that exceeds the size is very small. You can turn off some unnecessary functions and reduce the code size. If the code size exceeds a large size, you can only implement Solution 2.
  • Option 2: If the exceeded code size is large, you need to modify the partition table again.

The steps to create a partition table are as follows:

  • 1. App partition table production: If the total physical length of flash is 2M, the partition_start_addr (physical address) and partition_length (physical length) of each partition need to be set in beken378/func/user_driver/BkDriverFlash.c;


Figure 4 Illustration of partition table

  • 2. Packaging script configuration: Just modify the start_addr and size in tools/beken_packager/beken_packager_wrapper according to the size of each partition in the partition table in Figure 4, (where start_addr = partition_start_addr, size = partition_length;


Figure 5 Packaging script configuration diagram

  • 3. Use the tools/rt_partition_tool/rt_partition_tool.exe tool to modify the partition table into which the new bootloader is inserted. See Figure 6. The brief steps are as follows:
    • Open the rt_partition_tool.exe tool
    • Load tools/beken_packager/bootloader_bk7238_uart1_v1.0.14.bin
    • Modify the corresponding partition table. Note that offset and length here are both logical addresses, that is, without CRC.
    • File/save partition table to bootloader


Figure 6 rt_partition_tool icon

Introduction to partition functions #

The functions of each partition are introduced as shown in the table

partition namestart addresslengthfunctional description
bootloader0x000000000xf000Store bootloader
app0x110000x121000Store application image
ota0x1320000xAE000store updating image
RF_Firmware0x1E10000x1000Store calibration parameters
NEI_info0x1E20000x1000Store wifi mac address and fast connection parameter



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