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Welcome to Cionlabs, the innovative startup in Bengaluru at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions tailored to your IoT development requirements. Our dynamic team is dedicated to providing unparalleled services. Whether you represent a Fortune 200 corporation, a mid-size enterprise, or a budding startup, we have the expertise to cater to your needs. With a thriving research and development hub comprising over 20 skilled engineers, we orchestrate every stage of your project, from concept inception to ongoing post-production assistance. Through strategic collaborations with industry experts, we elevate your business to new pinnacles of success and ensure your peace of mind throughout the journey.

Cionlabs offers a vast array of custom Electronics product Designs, Embedded Systems designs, IoT Hardware Designs, Firmware Designs, IoT Product Designs, PCB Designs, Prototyping, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and Electronic Manufacturing Services that can turn an idea into a fully-functioning product. This comprises the development of System Architecture, Board and Firmware Design, Application Software Development, Mechanical Design, Prototyping, Validation, and Regulatory Certification, as well as Electronic manufacturing assistance for Pilot and mass production.

Firmware Development

Unlock the full potential of your devices with cutting-edge firmware development solutions that empower seamless performance, enhanced functionality, and unrivaled user experiences

Connected Devices

The world of limitless possibilities unfolds with our innovative range of connected devices, empowering you to seamlessly navigate the digital realm and stay effortlessly connected.

Product Engineering

Unlock limitless possibilities with our cutting-edge product engineering solutions, designed to transform your ideas into exceptional, market-leading innovations.

Why Cionlabs

Our main goal is to provide customers with industry‑changing solutions for boosting their businesses.

Technology-driven competitive advantages
Empowering your success with technology's competitive edge.
Faster time-to-market
Accelerate your success with the power of perfect timing.
Product Engineering Expertise
Crafting innovation through unparalleled product engineering.
One Stop Solution Provider
Your ultimate destination for all your needs, under one roof.
Quality-driven Approach
Excellence is our compass, guiding every step.
Competitive Price
Unbeatable value, without compromising quality.
Off the shelf White labelled Products
Unlocking limitless possibilities with our white-label wonders.


  • Profound expertise in new technologies
  • Competitive solutions
  • Process driven development
  • A professional and dedicated team
  • Full-cycle development

  • Cultivated digital transformation strategy
  • Transparent pricing policy

  • Eliminate risks and challenges

High-Tech Companies We Work With

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Our Expertise Spans the Entire Product lifecycle

We are your reliable technology partner, ready to assist you at every stage of your product journey. Whether you’re seeking guidance on a future product design, requiring expert support in designing, implementing, and delivering it to both internal and external clients, or aiming to enhance its performance and business value, we’ve got you covered. Count on us to help you build a superior system that meets your unique needs.

Our Brochures & Product Catalogs

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Shelf Wood
Best company. Good working environment.
Muskan Sharma
Muskan Sharma
One stop solution for all your smart products designs.
Best company provides excellent product at reasonable price.
One stop solution for all your smart products designs.
Professional team, wonderful support
Great place to start your career and to learn new things with wonderful, loving and supporting staff.
Best place for R&D and IoT. Customized products and projects for industrial automation Industry 4.0
Parveen Sharma
Parveen Sharma
A dedicated team, delivers turnkey solution under leadership of passionate technocrats
Best company provides excellent product at reasonable price.
ashwani kumar
ashwani kumar
Cionlabs' expertise in wearable device design is unparalleled. The wearable device they created for us seamlessly combines style and functionality. Its sleek design and advanced features have made it a must-have accessory. Thank you, Cionlabs, for bringing our vision to life!


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Our Clients


How does your organization adhere to IT regulations?2023-07-22T21:47:59+05:30

As an ISO 20000-certified organization, we adhere rigorously to IT services regulations, ensuring seamless compliance and delivering top-tier service quality.

What processes your organization follows to ensure service quality?2023-07-22T21:52:06+05:30

We are CMMi Level 3 certified organization. Our CMMI Level 3 status empowers us to deliver excellence through optimized processes and exceptional product and service quality.

How long does it take to develop a project?2023-07-22T21:53:24+05:30

Project timelines vary based on factors such as project complexity, technical requirements, and scope of work. Generally, we complete simple software development projects in 2-3 months, basic projects in 3-6 months, and more complex ones in 9+ months. As a full-stack software provider with a skilled team of tech specialists, we ensure efficient and timely product development.

How much do software development services cost?2023-07-22T21:55:48+05:30

Project costs are determined by various factors, encompassing tech specialists’ rates, project complexity, team size, timeframes, and other criteria shaping the overall price. Use the cost calculator available on our site or consult our experts to assess your project’s scope, and we will provide you with a precise cost estimation.

Describe your project management approach2023-07-22T21:58:35+05:30

As a full-cycle software development company, we adhere to the agile methodology approach, enabling us to divide projects into manageable milestones and sprints. Typically, each sprint lasts 1-2 or 3-4 weeks, depending on the project’s unique requirements and characteristics.

How you ensure the timely delivery of software solutions?2023-07-22T22:01:46+05:30

With meticulous attention to detail, we create a comprehensive step-by-step roadmap for each project, providing our clients with a clear product release date. Taking into account all technical requirements, we optimize resource allocation and streamline the development process to ensure prompt and smooth product delivery, free from any delays.

What is the difference between product engineering services and custom software development?2023-07-22T22:17:10+05:30

Software product engineering is a modern name for custom software development services. Product engineering services involve building market-ready software products for multiple clients, while custom software development focuses on creating tailored solutions for the specific needs of a single client.

How does your company ensure the quality of deliverables?2023-07-22T18:47:38+05:30

We proudly hold the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, an esteemed international standard that defines the requirements for a top-notch quality management system (QMS). At Intellectsoft, we consistently deliver products and services that not only meet but exceed customer and regulatory expectations

How does your company ensure the information security?2023-07-22T21:38:31+05:30

We are an ISO27001 certified company. information security is a top priority, and we take comprehensive measures to safeguard sensitive data and maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

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Cionlabs is formed by a group of experts with extensive domain knowledge coming from the leading technology and consulting firms around the globe with the aim to deliver The Best in the industry. We have the capability to develop comprehensive solutions to tackle the industry challenges, create value, and improve profitability and sustainability for our customers.


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